ONG Specialist & Counselling Centre
8-G, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 1,
11600 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Contact No. : +604-283 8178
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Opening hours : Tue - Sat
10am - 5pm

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Psychiatry or Psychological Medicine is a specialized field of medicine which deals with every aspect of mental health. It involves managing all types of behavioral, emotional and thought disorders. Psychiatry also has a broader role in preventing these disorders by promotion of good mental health practice. It aims to help individuals achieve their best abilities and improves their quality of lives.

Objectives of
  1. To educate the general public about the importance of mental health.
  2. To share information and latest findings about mental disorders.
  3. To empower the people with knowledge of mental health and reducing the stigma attached to individuals suffering from mental disorders.
  4. To provide an easy access to local mental health services (in Malaysia).