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  1. Many patients and their families always ask me, "Why do I get this (mental) illness?". While there is no one specific cause, it is believed that mental disorders develop as a result of a very dynamic interaction between biological, psychological and environmental causes in what is termed the 'Stress Diathesis Model'. To learn more about this concept, please click here.

  2. In order to 'survive' in today's hectic world, there are many LIFE SKILLS to learn. One of these skills is TIME MANAGMENT. Click here to know more about managing your time effectively.

  3. Please click on the following titles to learn more:
     Stress Management
     Cancer Counselling

  4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
    This was a public service for the people of Indonesia following the tsunami and earthquake disasters. This talk was presented in Bahasa Indonesia. To see the slides and audio-visual presentation, please click here.

  5. 'Pengendalian Pesakit' was presented in Bahasa Malaysia to the Malaysian Police Force in order to better understand the process of restraining violent patients. To learn more please click here.

  6. Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders. Please click here for free download!

  7. Series of discussion on clinical hypnosis,
    written and authored by Dr. Ong Beng Keat.

    Please click on the relevant topics:
    a) behavioural therapies and hypnotherapy
    b) the healing white light script
    c) psychodynamic in hypnotherapy
    d) hypnosis in treatment of tension headache